Do you have a dirty mind?

Hello there! This is a quiz to test and see if you have a sexual mind, somewhat, or not at all! There are a total of sixteen questions. Some are practical, while some are imaginative. What is it to have a dirty mind? To have a dirty mind is not to dwell on consequentially bad things, but rather it is to have a mind that can intercept some every-day things as being sexually referenced. If you have a 'dirty' mind, it isn't that bad. Some may even see it as being good. There is no line that makes people with clean minds generally better than people with dirty minds. It's just that 'dirty' minded people like to get the sexual essence out of life a bit more, not much else to say about it.

This quiz has good grammar, decent awnsers, and under-stand able questions. This quiz also includes medium sex referencing. If you can't handle some sexual questioning maturely, you may find this a bit awkward. Suggested age audience: 13+

Created by: Joker1001
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  1. if you seen 2 base-balls sitting awkwardly next to a banana, what would you think of it?
  2. You go outside and see a sign. All of the letters have been peeled off, but 2 still remains, and the letter in between them looks like an 'a', or an 'o' or something like that. What do you think it spells? (The system won't let me spell out P*rn)
  3. Ok, you see a person rolling an ice-pop in and out of their mouth. What do you think of it?
  4. Ok, here's a more practical question. If you were to see a play-boy magazine, how would you feel? (It can be about guys, if you're a female.)
  5. Ok, another practical question. You're friends want you to "peek" on one of the hotter people in you're school (the gender correctly corresponds with you're sexuality). What might you answer with?
  6. Don't feel ashamed on you're answer, it's for the question's sake. About how often do you watch sexual arousal videos? (I think what you know what that means)
  7. Ok, last practical question for a little while. When looking at a good-looking person (the gender is you're preferred), which consistency do you regularly look at?
  8. About how often do you make sexual jokes?
  9. Ok, this is a question that doesn't count for much. Are you going through puberty?
  10. What result do you expect you'll get?
  11. Did you like my quiz? (No effect)
  12. Ha! Thought that was the end, eh? Nope. How often do you have arousing dreams? (No need to feel bad or too good, this is just you.)
  13. In bed, how sexual are you? Or if you haven't "done it" yet, how would you expect to act?
  14. How often do you think of sexual fantasies?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a dirty mind?