Do You Have A Dark Personality?

There are many individuals who don't understand those who would appear to be "different" in his or her own way. This quiz will hopefully insight into a side of us that all of mankind possesses. There are no exceptions. The many labels placed on such individuals such as: goth, emo, satanic, freaks, lunatics, crazy, and so forth are not appropriate regardless of what age group you fall in. How can someone be a freak for having a certain lifestyle? or entertaining certain thoughts? when you are guilty of doing the same with the exception that you may choose to keep that part of your life hidden in the closet with all the rest of your skeletons.

Not everyone who appears in a dark mood is depressed. Not everyone who wears black or is obsessed with the color black, in a cult. Not everyone who listens to music that focuses on self-pain, blood, gore, evil, nightmares, abuse, and so forth, into those things in real life. Maybe it's just that some individuals find they can relate to certain "music artists". Or they can find comfort and acceptance with those who have more in common with them as far as their emotional struggles. Life isn't easy. In no way. It takes a hell of a toll on a person's mind. Is it any wonder that most wil develop Alzheimers long before they get up in age? It doesn't matter what you've done with your life throughout the years, the fiercest struggles take place in your head.

Created by: Dee
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What sort of misunderstandings do you have with other normal people that you would you like to discontinue?
  2. Which song lyric describes you?
  3. Are you evil?
  4. Do you write dark poetry?
  5. Ever thought of doing something gruesome to someone?
  6. Are you often depressed?
  7. Do you prefer staying quiet in public places often?
  8. Have you ever performed self-harm?
  9. Have you ever been admitted to any psychiatric or treatment facility?
  10. What is your outlook on life in general?

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Quiz topic: Do I Have A Dark Personality?