Random RP quiz of doom! (Minus the bebo)(Just girls)

Sitting bored at your computer? Then why not go on a wonderful adventure of doominess! Bound to discover (or basically be told) your personality but all the while, haivng fun and enjoying some of the answers.

Random is where we're at, but the question is. What will you get? Who are you....you should know...but...who are you? What is your personality? Are you dark? Are you bright and perky, or perhaps a little dull? Enter the foreboding lair...if you can handle it...Shadow lairs! Coming to a store near you! n_n

What is your age?
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What is your gender?
Ok, it's a regular day of school, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then all of a sudden you go through a vortex to some strange world. You're standing in front of the girl who summoned you, you?
Beat her with the first object your hand comes onto which just happens to be a stick.
You make a whimpery noise before bawling.
You poke her for your own odd enjoyment.
You tell her it was not the best idea to summon you.
You stare, dumbstruck for a few seconds before asking how you can help.
Ok, somehow it comes to her asking you to help her find some guy who can help save her kingdom but can't be summoned, you?
Find your mighty stick again.
Tears ebb into your eyes and you say "But I don't wanna" in a whimpery voice.
You say you'll only help her if she gives you her world's version of a cookie.
You inform her that she's just a kid and shouldn't be forcing you into her games.
You gladly agree to help.
Ok, somehow you arrange to split up and gather information, leaving you in a strange town, not knowing its customs, you?
Beat up anyone that talks to you with your mighty stick THEN ask them if they know about the guy.
You eavsdrop, making as little contact as possible and cry when someone approaches you.
You run around and ask a lot of questions, none of which have anything to do with the guy.
You wander around before finding the main tavern where you beat up some poor chap, demanding everyone to give you as much info as possible.
You nicely ask anyone that comes by.
You managed to start a fight with someone over 'laws' that don't really matter anyway. you?
Beat them with your mighty stick.
You cry really loudly.
You jump around the place saying stuff like "ooh! Does he wanna dance or maybe play tag?!!!"
You harshly beat the guy to a pulp.
You calmly apologise.
For whatever reason he called up some friends. Just when your about to get the beating of your life a handsome guy appears, he's...
Got some odd hair do and wear's baggy cargos pants and a shirt that says "l33t 0n3" or something simillar. Weapon: Crossbow
He's short and a lot shyer then he's acting. Has silverish, long hair and pale blue eyes. He wears a plain shirt and pants of whatever colour. Weapon: Staff
Has multi-coloured hair, 'Tidus' spiky, wears kiddish clothing and is just as hyper as you. Wapon: Fists
He wears black, has black hair and crimson eyes. Weapon: Scythe
Short, pale brown hair, blue eyes, muscular 'dreamy'. Weapon: Sword
The handsome guy kicks the gangs a**e then turns to you, he...
Tells you to be more weary of the undead, they're everywhere. Practice your l33t.
He blushes and basically just stands there.
He fidgets with the stored energy "HELLO!!!"
A hollow glare meets your own, this guy has piked your interest.
He says a formal greeting before taking your hand and kissing it (Me: *barfs*)
The girl that summoned you comes up and tells you that's the guy, you...
Take your stick and whack her, proudly claiming that he is your 'pet' and she can't have him.
You hand him over, tears welling in your eyes. *I want to keep the hottie*
You bounce around and yell "Can I stay?! I'll be really good, I promise!! Please let me stay!!"
You send an annoyed glance her way. "And so is this where I can go back now?"
You smile and nod. "Ok, now what do I do?"
(Let's cut things short, shall we?) You break into the castle, while the guy is facing the 'kings' strongest guard you have to defeat the 'king', you...
Beat him with your NEW mighty stick. (The last one broke).
You cry until it creates some sort of odd magic that attacks him.
You run about the place, confusing him until he starts chasing you. Then he has a cardiac arrest.
You profoundly beat him, throwing him about the room before clenching your hand around his throat, enjoying watching his life fade away.
Typical sword and shield battle.
Somehow, you kill him. When you turn to 'victory dance' with the cute guy, you see him on the ground, bleeding to death via sword in chest, you...
Hit him with your stick 'till it breaks, telling him he should've been l33t enough.
You fall to his chest (not hitting the sword), crying and bawling for all your worth.
You ask him to come play but when he doesn't reply tell him you'll make an alarm clock big enough to wake him after his nap.
You punch him a few times before turning your head and whispering "Idiot".
You fall to you knees, scream "Nooooooo!!!" then start crying.
The summoner girl finds you and thanks you, you...
Punch her (your stick is broken) and tell her to hire more l33test next time.
Wipe your tears and tell her "Thanks for making my life more miserable".
You easily force a smile and bouncy attitude and say "You're welcome".
You send her a glare and inform her to never ask your assistance again.
You wipe away your tears and smile, saying it was no biggie.
She tells you she is sending you home soon, your manner of saying goodbye is?
Beating her with your new stick.
Shedding a few tears.
An energetic wave and another plea for the cookie.
Folded arms. "Be thankful I'm not killing you."
A smile and a little (*cough*long*cough*) goodbye speech.
The next day, when you come to school the guy is there, obviously remembering (ie Being the exact same guy you met, not a reincanrnation) you and definately alive, you...
Beat him with a stick and tell him to never worry you again.
Cry and hug him.
Ask him if he wants to play hide n' seek.
Give him one of those rare smiles and state that next time he dies your killing him.
Hug him and teach him the joy of being the bf of a prep (Me: There's JOY in that???)
Bonus gotoquiz question: You and the guy spend the restof your lives together doing what?
Beating people with sticks and being the l33test gamers ever.
Living a quiet yet happy life.
Travelling the world so many times you've lost count, but all the time, having fun.
Planning world destruction and coming through with it and succeeding.
Being ditzy together, continuously loving each other, etc, etc.

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