Do you have a crush on someone?

Ok well I hope you enjoy this quiz. THIS QUIZ WAS MEANT FOR DUDES BECAUSE EVERYONE THINKS WE DONT HAVE FEELINGS. But we do so yeaaaaah. Well, take this quiz or get married to a hick.

These questions were based off my own experiences with woman. This is from a 9th graders perspective so if you 60, that's just creepy of you taking this quiz; if your five, then you shall soon now how your brain works.

Created by: Tyler

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Once you met her, did you try to find and social media sites or apps they are on? (man that's a creepy question)
  2. Where you hoping for opportunities to be around her?
  3. If you had an opportunity to be around her, did you actively take or try to take that opportunity?
  4. When around her, or when you two are within seeing range or earshot, try to be more 'cool' or less yourself.
  5. Do you find yourself nervous when talking to her.
  6. When first meeting were you shy around her.
  7. If you have known her for a bit, are you still shy?
  8. If your not usually super nice (i.e always joking about bad stuff with your friends, not helping anyone out),do you usually find your self super nice around her? (i.e. [school based] always getting papers and things for her without her asking, holding the door open, helping her out.)
  9. Ok ready to waste question cuz im out of them. Was this quiz good? (no effect on answers)
  10. Where these questions relevant? (no effect on answers)
  11. If you thought these questions were strange, I based the off the experiences with the girl I like (Jeycee)

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Quiz topic: Do I have a crush on someone?