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  • Wow I got 99% I'm going to have a happy life and I am very thin yay

    JoannaMellark Aug 24 '14, 7:55AM
  • 98% WOOHOO then again i AM so good looking!

    Stealth Kitty Jul 21 '14, 12:51AM
  • 90% I'm soooooo sexy no wonder I'm gOnna get maried:) lol byyyyyye

    Homicidal_tacos Jun 18 '12, 6:30PM
  • 81% cool!

    Amelia166 Dec 12 '10, 8:47PM
  • i got a 40% i mean come on im not going to stay single or un married my whole life,

    rgr Feb 19 '08, 9:58PM
  • if u get a 67%, how r ur chances 50/50?

    bubblz Feb 17 '08, 1:51PM
  • Have a 51% chance of getting married
    You have a 50/50 chance of getting married. You might have been married before, but it didn't work out. You just need to find that special person and maybe it will happen for you.

    Yeah... Suuuuure.

    Irish_Willow Feb 4 '08, 4:54PM
  • Have a 76% chance of getting married

    You most likely are going to get married. Probably are going to end up with someone from your old highschool. You may never find mr/mrs right but you'll settle for someone else...

    girly69 Feb 4 '08, 10:34AM
  • Great quiz!

    misskiss Feb 1 '08, 6:24AM

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