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  • I hate them because the always order me to do that or this like never asked me for something even if in my birthday I can't choose my own gift they will choose the worst one there and give me that they always tell you are useless you are good for nothing.They also have problem with my bffs they always tell me that don't talk with them they curse at them like why. And if mistakenly shout or do some mistakes like they act like they will eat me alive I am so done with them they never let live peacefully and the most annoying thing they never let me wear what I want they will just tell me to wear the worst outfit I have there so many outfits but still they give the worst one and the do not let me wear short dresses or crop tops at all.I thinking that I am a robot I hate them so much that I can't describe my hatred in words.

    Moon Mi Young
  • You 88% Hate Your Parents 88%

    WOW god you hate your parents! Why? WHAT THEY DO TO YOU? Don't kill them ok, be safe! You'll move out eventually if you haven't already. Ok bye!

    the reason being that
    they don't understand who I am
    they don't ever listen to me
    they think i'm daft
    they hate me
    they're always shouting and yelling at me
    they love my siblings more than me
    they accuse me for their problems

    they say that i'm the biggest reason that everything goes wrong

    hey said that i was a mistake

  • I hate my parents because for one my mom is crazy about everything. She acts like a young teen pop,and she hits me if I dont study well or she will just slap me for taking care of her texting issue. My dad has anger issues and i wish i could just runaway

  • My parents are terrible, terrible people!! My mom makes me feel like killing myself sometimes, Mediforicly -not literally- like she will give me a chance and then I do it right and she gets so mad at me!! She threatens me a lot and dont even get me started on my dad they are THE WORST PARENTS EVER!!!!!!!! if there was an award for the worst parents ever, my parents would have one, way before THEIR Great great great great Great GREAT Grandparents were even born!! I. HATE. THEM!!!!

    I want them DEAD!!!!!! And Im pretty sure they want me dead some times too!!!!

  • well i hate my parents because when i tell the truth they punish the s--- out of me plus they tell me to do the piano the whole week

    when i want to do 4 times a week making me lose interest .then they always make me feel overwhelmed and they make me to have burnouts,depression and mental breakdowns when they punish me to hard i get angry and want to kill them so hard

    i feel that they dont like me and they punish me by kicking me out of the house, getting hit by a stick, punch, yelling and saying very bad words to me.i hate them soo much that i won't change or forgive them. i just hate them too much that i just want the world to burn plus i'm autistic and they punish my severe autistic brother.

  • I hate my parents so much as a 100%. My mom: She always slap me in the face and make me cry. She never let me buy anything.

    My dad:He never let me do things and never let me buy anything as well.

  • Heck yeah bunnies rule Ok saralee123 sit down my parents love me and I love them I am a huge nerd I love school and if that offends you then go to Tartarus alright? Ok good

  • You 72% Hate Your Parents 72%

    You don't like your parents. Like, AT ALL. It's probably fair to say you hate them, actually. Well that's ok, bye. Try other quizzes.

  • You 61% Hate Your ParentsYou don't like them too much, but you don't HATE their guts or anything. Well ok, that's not too bad. Bye.. try my other quizzes ok bye.

    That is incorrect i hate them to their core.

    Bi bish
  • Ok you WAY need maybe added in thsoe questions. And i don't hate my parents! That much.... Seriously, i rate this quiz a ONE.

  • I never hated my dad so much but I hate my mom like 38% of the time! She says I'm doing some tin rude but I ain't doing anything rude.

  • I hate them so much they are always yelling at me and never give me space they don't let me do basic child things I really dislike everything about them there rude, obnoxious, and irritating I hate everything about them.

  • I hate my parents by 25%? No way, I hate them more than that. 5/10.

    I like music
  • Hey, BBAlover1 gave me a pretty bad comment on my quiz "Are You An Emo" but I agree with him on this betrootin' crap quiz!

  • Hey, BBAlover1 gave me a pretty bad comment on my quiz "Are You An Emo" but I agree with him on this betrootin' crap quiz!

  • bunnies go to hell

    • My dad is awesome. My mom...yeah,she hates me. She always makes me do chores and other stuff just so I can win her approval. She literally always makes me buy everything. Sometimes she doesn't let me buy anything at all! Then she gets really mad if I fail a test or something. One tiny mistake,and I'm doomed for like a week. After I win my mom's approval,have to do MORE stuff for her. I wish far better for you! Bye.

  • You 39% Hate Your Parents

    you like them but you not OBSESSED with them thats good well ok bye try my other quizes...byeee hope you :] hope like them bye


  • i hate my parents more than 49%. >:(

  • this quiz is dumb just its creator

  • 10% for my dad not true its less and 38% for my mom and its more than that.

    Ellis Redding
  • WOW


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