do you hate justin biber

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there is alot going on with justin bieber right now he has a fair share of haters and a huge amount of fans. i dont know what else to right i mean write

find out which of the two you are by taking my quiz just so you know where you are in the mix. dont forget to comment and rate. because i friggin love comments. :-D

Created by: music monster J

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  1. when you see his face you want to...
  2. what do you think of jelena
  3. how old are you???
  4. when you over hear girls fan girling about im what do you do??
  5. when you hear Justin is coming to town you...
  6. if justin were to touch you hand what would you do
  7. how much do you know about him?
  8. if justin were to ask you out what would you say??
  9. if your parents bought you his concert tickets... what would you do
  10. if someone were to spray his fragrance on the bus, what would you do???
  11. when you see a tshirt with his name on it
  12. what did you think of his flippy hair

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Quiz topic: Do I hate justin biber