Do you hate justin bieber?

this ouiz is all about seeing haw much you hate justin bieber because I know a lot of people like him so I what to compare them to is if he if cool or not.

you know thet you hate him but you can still say you hate himto people because they say they will only paly with you if you say you hate justin bieber.

Created by: nicole

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  1. what do you hate about him
  2. what do you mostly like about him?
  3. why do you hate him ?
  4. whould you marry him
  5. why is justin bieber so lam ?
  6. what would you do to justin bieber
  7. what is rong with him?
  8. is justin bieber a girl
  9. is justin bieber sexy?
  10. can he sing

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Quiz topic: Do I hate justin bieber?