Could you pass the 7th grade? (Canada)

Ever wonder how your education might compare to someone else's? Wel, check and see how you compare to an above-average Canadian in an Enriched program!

Don't worry if you don't do well: It's for fun, so have fun. BTw, if you want somme humor and complete entertainment, check out one of my older and better Quizzes: WOULD YOU SURVIVE THE END OF THE WORLD? Enjoy!!!

Created by: Nikki_Knox
  1. Math: In an isosceles triangle, if angle ABC equals 56 degrees, what is the measurement (degrees) of angle A? (Sorry it's hard: It'll get easier, I promise!)
  2. Math: What is the order of operations?
  3. Math: Bob has seven apples. Crissy has 10 more than Daniel, who has three times as many apples as Bob. Luke has five apples less than Crissy. How many apples does Luke have?
  4. Science: What is the the center of a cell?
  5. Science: A plant taking in oxygen ant night. This is known as...
  6. Science: Which form of light in the visible spectrum has the shortest wavelength?
  7. Geography: In which hemisphere is Switserland located in?
  8. Geography: What is the capital of Canada?
  9. French: Translate into proper french-"Who did this?"
  10. French: Is "cellphone" feminine or masculine?
  11. English: Who wrote "Pride and Prejudice"?
  12. English: What is forbidden when writing an essay?
  13. HIstory: Wha is the Roman equivalent of Athena?
  14. Okay, so... Was it too hard?
  15. I hope you liked the quiz. Sorry, I'm in a few Enriched course and please, don't feel bad if you get tthese wrong. It doesn't really mean anything :)
  16. Okay, so this quiz was wayy more boring than I'm used to. Want some excitement, fun and humour? Then please,check out my top favorited quiz: "Would you survive the end of the world?" Trust me, you won't regret it and it's way more fun and funny than this one

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