How much do you know about Justin Bieber?

I done my quiz on Justin Bieber because i love im so much! I'm a true beleiber and I hate ALL the haters out there:@! He's just a normal boy trying to live his dream!

Do you know everything about Justin Bieber? Do you think you can get 100% on this quiz? Well you could find out in just a few minutes if you know everything about Justin Bieber!

Created by: JustinLover
  1. How old is he?
  2. When is his birthday?
  3. At roughly what time was he born at?
  4. What is his favourite colour?
  5. What are his parents names?
  6. What does Justin believe in?
  7. What is his best friend called?
  8. What is his manager called?
  9. How did his manager find him?
  10. What song does he sing that Jaden Smith features in?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Justin Bieber?