Do you go to Canyon Rim?

There are many people that go to Canyon Rim School But What is the mascot Is it a Cougar? A tiger Its some sort of Wild cat Is it a bobcat Nope! I don't know you tell me!

Do YOU go to Canyon rim school? Do you know all the questions? Thanks to this Quiz You will find out! ( Im running out of ideas Help Me Please Im boerd )

Created by: Blaag
  1. What is the princible's name?
  2. What grades are there?
  3. What grades are there?
  4. What test does 2nd grade take that is called a ''Special Test''
  5. When does Canyon Rim start?
  6. What month is the last day in
  7. How many 2nd grade teachers are there?
  8. Does Canyon rim have Picture day?
  9. What is one rule about clothes in Canyon Rim
  10. Is canyon rim the best school?
  11. Is canyon rim the best school?

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Quiz topic: Do I go to Canyon Rim?