Are you a Phoenician?

This quiz basically tests you on all the knowledge you know about Arizona. I called it a Phoenician quiz because it made the most sense but if your not never fear you can still take it and get a pretty good score.

A Phoenician is a native or resident of Arizona usually referring to Phoenix in Arizona. I made this quiz to see if you could qualify as a Phoenician.

Created by: Asteriarc
  1. When you hear the word "snowbird" what do you think of?
  2. How would you describe scorpions?
  3. How would you describe Arizona?
  4. Do you own an umbrella?
  5. describe the length of the seasons.
  6. What is the worst thing about getting into the car?
  7. What is the worst possible thing to happen?
  8. What is the advantage of being short and having a tall friend or significant other?
  9. What are "Dust Devils"?
  10. What's the worst color to wear during the summer?
  11. Have you heard of desert (or Phoenix) wonderland (think winter wonderland spin-off)?
  12. Last question, What are the names of the cacti in Arizona?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Phoenician?