do you feel empty inside?

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READ!!!!!!!!!! i know in the results it says i remember when i used to feel lonley but i'm not now.and not because i'm goth or emo...Just because..idk why.

but here's the quiz where you find out if your lonely or not...okay no negitive comments and this is just a quiz that i made at 5 in the morning because i've been up all night and havn't gotten tired once! peace!

Created by: fireprincess1996
  1. okay are you ready?
  2. do you ever feel like nobody care about you?
  3. do you feel empty inside like your soul is somewhere else?
  4. do you ever think about suicide?
  5. have you ever thought 'it would be better for everyone if i would just ranaway'
  6. do you hate how your parents are always looking at you in dissapointment?
  7. uuuhhhhhh! I ran out of queations!
  8. blah!
  9. your cool!
  10. oh did i mention that the random things i'm saying don't effect your score?
  11. peace!

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Quiz topic: Do I feel empty inside?