Do you even Harry Potter bro

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Anyone who knows anything about Harry potter should be able to pass this quiz. You just have to watch the movies. You don't have to read. Anything on this quiz is in the movies.

Do you think you are a genius of Harry Potter? If so , take this quiz and if you get perfect on the first try, tweet me at @jaymac720 (plz be honest).

Created by: Jacob

  1. Which spell summons a snake?
  2. Which animal represents Gryffindor
  3. Which is Hagrid's hypogriff's name?
  4. Where was Harry born?
  5. How many Weasleys are there (Ron's immediate family)?
  6. Which beast petrifies anyone?
  7. How many MOVIES are there?
  8. What type of blood does Ron have?
  9. What type of blood does Hermione have?
  10. Who is Ron's only younger sybling?
  11. Who is the head of gryffindor throughout the series?
  12. Who is the weird blond that Harry meets in the beginning of the 5th book?

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Quiz topic: Do I even Harry Potter bro