do you deserve to die

Hey and thanks for taking this quiz it will determine if you should die(don't take it seriously) bye and if you rate and comment your result please.

Many people deserve to die for example: criminals,rapists,pedophiles,1 direction band and Justin b. But are you one of the people that deserve to die well lets find out

Created by: Animalsandwepons
  1. Have you ever murderd someone
  2. Are you a bully?
  3. Have you ever raped someone
  4. Have you ever made somebody do something they didn't want to do
  5. Have you ever abused somebody
  6. Have you ever played a harmful prank?
  7. Have you ever played a harmful prank?
  8. Have you ever killed a little harmless animal for fun
  9. Have you ever abused your parents
  10. Have you ever touched someone's body part in a abusive way
  11. Have you ever abused people for silly reasons (e.g religion,race etc.)
  12. Have you ever mocked somebody for no reasons
  13. What will you do if you found an old woman that dropped her bag
  14. Do you judge people by there race,religion etc.
  15. Have you ever trespassed a private property and ruined it?
  16. Have you ever picked on someone who is younger than you?
  17. Bye

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Quiz topic: Do I deserve to die