Dark heart book one Thistle

this is a story i made when i was like in grade 7 and dont judge me i have got better i swear. lol anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and if you dont like answer the things after each question you dont nothing counts towards the end thing i swear i was so lazy on this first quiz of mine

Created by: dark_nyx

  1. It felt like I was walking but I was running, faster than any human would ever. But I was chasing something down but I didn't know what. Then all of a sudden a muddle of black fur jumped at me. I fell to the ground with it on me; I looked up into its eyes. It looked back with black eyes burning into my soul, well what I had left. I tried to scream but all that can out was my heavy breathing. I tried to push the creature off but it was useless, even though I was strong I didn't have the strength I need to lift the thing off. Its heavy paw lifted off my arm and grazed it and walked away. I got up from the ground and dropped to the ground in a crouch, my hunting position. It turned it back on me and continued walking away, I stood up with wide eyes and turned and ran off in the opposite direction, towards my house.
  2. Well, it wasn't just my house I live with my pretend to be forester parents Judith and Carl. They were pixie Vampire guards. Pixie Vampires guards guarded crystals that could control anything. I was a crystal and a very special because i was the first pixie vampire to have the same power as a crystal in a human form, and I was the last Pixie Vampire princess of the royal family of Ganado. Ganado was a place where only pixie vampire could ever visit because our world was a secret. I lived among the humans because my home was under the rule of Hughes the evil man whom killed my family and was determined to find me and end the royal family for good.
  3. As I arrived at the house Judith and Carl was at the door welcoming me into the house. I ran up the stairs to my room and removed my blood soaked clothes and through them in the garbage bag in the corner for Judith to wash while I was a school getting an education.
  4. I opened my newly stocked closet of clothes and grabbed a pair of light blue skinnies and I pale blue shirt and removed the French tags off and threw them on the chair. I disappeared around the corner to my bathroom and showered quickly removing the dry blood from my arm and hair. On my arm was a faint scar which I just realized. I didn't realize the creature had scratched my arm. I rubbed dried my hair and put on the clothes I threw on the couch and walked out to Judith who was in the kitchen sitting at the table, she threw me quick glance and looked back down at the book she had. I sat down beside her.
  5. "Judith, what is a creature that is huge, and over power all my senses even my strength?" I asked her. "I actual don't know why?" she asked. "Because in the forest that creature was on top of me, I didn't know what it was but it was strong enough to hold me down and take me out while I was running," I said. She looked at me with a horrific look. I looked at her in shock wondering why she was shaking like she was about to cry. I walked up to her and wrapped my arm around her shoulders.
  6. "Be care when you go hunting now, please," she asked. "Sure whatever you want," I said walking away from her glancing at the wall and grabbing my keys which were hanging up. I walked out to the garage and hoped into my car and drove down the long and winding drive way. I hit the main road and headed east towards Cold Lake high school. It was a huge school for a tiny town.
  7. I drove in the school and park next to my usually spot. "˜Lilly' I thought, she was the popular kid and my best friend but she liked to piss me off by taking my parking spot, but for some reason it didn't bother me as different things were on my mind.
  8. As I got out of the car a strange scent caught my attention and was coming from the guy standing five car parks down staying at me. I glanced at the ground and quickly ran over to Lilly, and wrapped my arms around her neck.
  9. I turned my head back around to the car park and he was no longer there. I was stumped at the moment until I saw him make his way into the school glass doors. I dropped my arms from her neck and started towards the doors, but she caught my arm as I started to walk.
  10. "Thistle, where you going, school hasn't started yet?" she asked confused and then she look at my arm and gasped. "What happen to your arm?" she asked less distressed. "Umm, I kinda got scratched out the back of my house, on one of the trees," I said trying to make it seem like I was telling the truth.
  11. "Ok, it looks kinda bad that all," she said. "It is fine and I was going but to the bathroom," I said. "Oh," she mouthed and let go of my arm. I walked up to the glass doors and walked through them and followed the corridor to the girls' bathroom. I looked at my reflection in the wide mirror and gulped. I looked so horrible this morning. I quickly rumbled through my bag finding my emergency make-up kit and put it on. Then I quickly made my hair look fantastic and then I left the girls' bathroom to be knocked to the ground by the stranger with the weird smell. I looked up and he grinned gave me a hand off the ground. "Thanks," I said. "You're welcome, I'm Seth," he said. "Hi Seth, I'm Thistle," I said. "Sorry about this morning," he said and ran away.
  12. Cliffhanger!!!!!!!!!!!! prob not the best but anyway suffer

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