Do you deserve to be alive?

This quiz is simple to be described I just wanted to find out if people are worthy to be alive, but I also want to have fun while doing so, so while being both serious and funny, I intend to find out how much people cherish life. Also as a reference 100% is the worst and 0% is tthe best

I'm no genius, I just want to see how people react or how people work, and yes I know some people may goof around of this quiz, that's why there are goofy questions on it, so while finding out if you deserve to live or not, you're also having fun.

Created by: Craig
  1. Do you smoke?
  2. Do you drink?
  3. do you do drugs?
  4. Did you ever kill someone or something?
  5. Do you work at a fast food restaurant?
  6. Do you love the little animals?
  7. do you do any extreme sports?
  8. Do you enjoy playing in traffic?
  9. Do you see purple monkeys?
  10. Do you like Michael Jackson?
  11. do you have any regard for human life?
  12. Do you cherish your own existence?

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Quiz topic: Do I deserve to be alive?