Do you cross dress?

Do you feel like you're a cross dresser but you don't know yet? Then take this test and answer as you would like to know about yourself it doesn't have to be true.

Just answer anything as you would like to so if a question says do you crossdress of you don't but really want to then select the yes or I love to answer.

Created by: Blank

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you ever worn a dress
  2. Do like to wear makeup?
  3. Do you like high heels and other women's shoes?
  4. Have you ever shopped for women's clothing yourself or would you like to?
  5. Have you ever dressed completely as a women (shoes, makeup, dress)?
  6. Do you think you were born in the wrong body?
  7. Do you prefer:
  8. Are you or have you ever thought about a sex change?
  9. When your dressed as a women do you feel really alive?
  10. Do you own any women's clothing?

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Quiz topic: Do I cross dress?