Are you a cross dresser

You are certainly not a cross dresser so I am unsure why you even took this test probably to pass some time anyway you are a masculine male and you seem comftorable with this

You have thought about if not you have worn women's clothing once before and that's ok for a man to be interested in this sort of stuff even though it seems feminine

Created by: Blank
  1. Do you like to wear make up or women's clothing
  2. Your home alone and your sisters make up set is next to you what do you do?
  3. You see a girl in a nice skirt what do you think
  4. Your sister offers to give you a makeover and let you borrow a dress what do you say?
  5. Your dad offers to play football with you and your sisters offers to take you shopping with her which do you pick
  6. Would you rather wear a red ball gown or a t shirt and hoody
  7. Watch a Barbie movie with your niece or little cousin or play Xbox/ps4
  8. Do you keep up with women's fashion
  9. Do you get aroused by fashion magazines or do you just pay attention for the clothing
  10. Have you ever dressed as a girl or woman fully and went outside
  11. Have you ever wanted a sex change operation

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Quiz topic: Am I a cross dresser