Cross dressing male quiz

Some men like women's clothes more and that's perfectly fine for that but if your unsure then take this quiz and answer honestly to find out for yourself

If you have ever dabbled in women's clothing then maybe this will interest you to take this quiz and fine out if you want to know are you a cross dresser?

Created by: Blank
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  1. Do you like women's clothes, makeup and accessories
  2. You see a dress in the living room when you are home alone what do you do?
  3. Your sister or niece asks you to play dress up with her what do you say?
  4. Your sister or niece asks you to play dress up with her what do you say?
  5. You see a hot blonde in a short skirt walking what do you think?
  6. Your girlfriend asks you to dress up in her clothes what do you say?
  7. You see a sale on a huge makeup kit, it's 85% off what's your reaction?
  8. Have you ever felt like you should have been born a girl
  9. Do you feel more comftorable in men's clothes or womens clothes
  10. Do you think you would like a women if you had the right clothes and makeup and hair?

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