Do You Annoy Me?

Do You annoy me?? HAve you ever wondered if you did but never had the guts to ask me? Be totally honest here. . and you'll find out. . .HONEST BE HONEST. . you had better be honest. .cuz the test will lie to you . . . if ur nto ..and if ur gonna cheat on an internet test. . you already annoy me so theres no need to take it at all!

YOU WILL FIND OUT. . .CUZ YOU PROBABLY DO ANNOY ME. . .ESPECIALLY IF UR NAME IS BENJAMIN HENRY REGIER!! AHHAAHAH <3. . but thats ok. .cuz theres only a few people that annoy me 100% of the time!!!!. . . i'm not gonna say their names though. . but tobiah already knows who tehy are hahaha

Created by: Alison

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  1. Have I Had To Yell At You For Talking About One Person Over And Over Again?
  2. Have I Had To Yell At You For Talking About One Person Over And Over Again?
  3. Do You Rip On Me About My Style?
  4. Do You Always Tell Me I'm Being Negative?
  5. Do You Like Math?
  6. Do You Rattle On About Shows (besides that 70s show). . (i.e. Heroes, Southpark, CSI, 24. . .etc)
  7. Do You Listen To Rap?
  8. Do You Shop At Hollister, A.E., Or Abercrombie and Fitch?
  9. Do You Have Blonde Eyelashes?
  10. have You Ever Hugged Me?
  11. Do You or Have You Ever Called Me Emo?
  12. Do You Spit?
  13. Do You Have Myspace?
  14. Are You Selfish?
  15. Do You Like AFI?
  16. Do You Make Fun Of My Parents?
  17. Do You or Have You Ever Passed Me Note(s)
  18. Do You Miss Being My Friend?

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Quiz topic: Do I Annoy Me?