Do we have the same dreams

This is hard to get right but be honest and who knows maybe great minds think alike maybe they don't we would probably bond over other things if we met but hey you never know

Say in the comments if you wants me to make more like this you can tell I like animals very easily I want to be a doctor btw in the future this quiz is a lot about it

Created by: jujayfourevs

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  1. Do you like dogs
  2. Do you have any of these breeds now Yorkie, shih tzu, mountain cur
  3. Which of these dogs do you want as an adult ( more than one correct answer )
  4. Do you have cats or a cat or even want one will be ok
  5. Do you have or want cats in the future
  6. If so how many
  7. How many dogs
  8. Do you want goats if so about how much
  9. Do you want " small pets " ( rabbits hamsters guinea pigs baby raccoons etc.)
  10. How many kids do you want
  11. How many stories does your house have now and how many do you want In the future
  12. What do you want to be when you grow up

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