do u know conway twitty

if you think you know enough about conway twitty come take this quiz and if you score high enough i just might have u at my next party. stay country...

only true rednecks and country music folk can pass this test, however sum ppl dont do their research on the classics. step up and see what you score..

Created by: jeff

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  1. what is conway twittys real name
  2. when was conway twitty born
  3. where was conway twtty born
  4. what baseball team offered him a contract
  5. when was he discharged from the army
  6. when did he sign with mercury records
  7. what was his first #1 hit
  8. who did twitty pair up with to become the most awarded duo in country music history
  9. what was twittys last album called
  10. when did twitty pass away

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