do u know any good lyrics?

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  1. I'm hot, you're cold you go around like you know who I am but you don't you've got me on my toes
  2. I tear my heart open I sew myself shut my weakness is that I care too much and our scars remind us that the past is real i tear my heart open just to feel
  3. last years wishes are this years apologies every last time I come home I'll take my last chance to burn a bridge or two I only keep myself this sick in the head cause I know how the words get you
  4. when the lights go off I wanna watch the way you take the stage by storm the way you wrap those boys around your finger
  5. on the ground I lay mmotionless in pain I can see my life flashing me by Did I fall asleep? is this all a dream? wake me up I'm living a nightmare
  6. i've got friends in high and low place it's been a long time it's been a long time and maybe baby you can rise against the rest of them
  7. hurtful words, from my enemies of the last 5 years What's it like to die alone? How does it feel when tears freeze when you cry? The blood in your veins is 20 below
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