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your really good at this keep trying and dont feel bad if u get a bad score look up facts please coment and tell your friends thank you for taking my quiz:D

hi did you like my quiz i hope so please play again find facts coment on my quiz tell your friends never give up on my quiz later down next month i will make some new ones and change it up look out for new ones made by me every month check it out thank you:)

Created by: jbsexy

  1. what is justins middle name
  2. what is justins moms name
  3. what justins eye color
  4. what color is justins hair
  5. what justin bieber song is your fav
  6. how much do u love justin
  7. where was justin born
  8. did justin get a haircut
  9. do like justins hair
  10. who gave justin a record deal

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