Do people want to date you

only a few good dater be 1.only a few hot people 2 so if u r a good dater doesnt mean u r hot so get that right and score high on this and u will be in good shape for life

if r as good as me u will score at 100%.if u got some moves,,skill,and a hot partner u know it,but if they r a loser just remember this,its better to not have a gf or bf than have a ugly 1

Created by: ryan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how do u leave on a date
  2. how do u pick a gf or bf
  3. where do u like to go on dates
  4. what do u like in a date
  5. how do u pick up your date
  6. how do u show off to youe date
  7. what do u wear on a date
  8. how do you ask your date out
  9. what is your pickup line
  10. y do u pick your date

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