Do people like you? Girls Only!

This is a nice quiz about how nice you are and how much people love you. sorry if any words are mispelled. This is my second quiz I hope you enjoy it.

So do you what do you think you'll get? Who knows you might be surprised. I tried to make the questions with thought. I hope you like them. I know you probably liked my last quiz.

Created by: Kiki

  1. Think. When is the last time you volunteered somewhere or donated money somewhere?
  2. When is the last time you've gotten into a fight?
  3. Do you tend to make some people cry alot?
  4. About how many close friends do you have?
  5. If a homeless person asked you for spare change would you give him some?
  6. What is your ideal perfect job?
  7. True or False: People tend to call you a B----.
  8. True or False or Sometimes: You always make time for yourself.
  9. You find the perfect dress. You find it on sale. Someone who doesn't have that much money asks you where the dress is you see there is no more left. The person asks if they can have it. Do you let them have the dress?
  10. True or False: You recycle.

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