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the human mind is like a child. they want candy, you say no, they get candy anyways. for some reason we like to defy orders we hear just to feel better.

DO NOT TAKE THIS QUIZ. WARNING THIS QUIZ WILL ANNOY YOU AND THE RESULT WILL BE DUMB REGARDLESS. oh and DO NT TAKE THIS QUIZ. No tome esta prueba, i would type DO NOT TAKE THIS QUIZ in japanese but they are saying it's gerbberish.

Created by: teendetectivekc

  1. i told you not to take this quiz?
  2. What is the point of taking this? come on log out of this quiz
  3. you are wasting your time not mine?
  4. okay haven't you had enough?
  5. so you should just log out of this quiz?
  6. if you don't log out of this quiz the world would explode
  7. the world exploded!!!!!
  8. you are still on this quiz i see.
  9. hey if you log out of this quiz i'll give you a sex slave
  10. i give up you win!!!!

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