Do not go to this quiz

Don't go to this quiz because you will be screwed when you do, i give you pies and cookies if you obey me! Seriously, im just serious, so dont go here

do you obey me at 100% do you deserve your free cookie and a extra prize? Find out now heeeeeeeeere. And if you dont then NO PIE NOR COOKIE FOR YOU!!!

Created by: Lucas

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  2. Why did you go here?
  3. Listen, you broke my rule
  4. pick one of these ones
  5. I have a ROBLOX account, do you want me to tell it?
  6. Well stop playing this quiz or else theres no pie for you!
  7. Do you know what was this quiz for?
  8. Ok I will tell you
  9. Wait what NO im not gonna tell you cause you didn't obey me when I told you not to go here
  10. FINE! I'll tell you
  11. This was to show how much would you obey

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