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" Not all pies can taste there best, and not all pies can taste grouse, you are being challenged to being the best pie chef ever! What will your results be."

" We can never tell unless you join the Walnut pie contest, to prove your natural skills in making a pie. There are many secrets to making pies, do you know any of the secrets?"

Created by: yorkypat

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  1. How many cups of light brown sugar?
  2. how many eggs?
  3. What do you put in for filling?
  4. how many teaspoons of vanilla extract?
  5. Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 45 minutes True or false?
  6. Have you ever baked a pie on your own?
  7. Do you put Stevia in this recipe?
  8. Do you put butter in this recipe?
  9. Do you put salt in this recipe?
  10. how many cups of walnuts needed?

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