do Justin bieber going to kiss you?

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Justin Bieber is a super star and want a girl for him the main thing is kiss in love .Do justin bieber kiss you? take this quiz and have blast at your twitter see that are you good for him and he will kiss you?

Jb gonna kiss you or not just take this quiz and see what justin think about kissing you or not so question maybe difficult to answer because there are so many and true what happend if you do so be ready!

Created by: grace
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. what you think about justin
  2. How many times you can kiss justin if you were dating?
  3. do you have spongy chicks or Soft lips?
  4. What will you do if your parents say to dont like justin?
  5. Are you funny?
  6. What you will do if justin get in Stress
  7. lYou are walking On street with Jb you see Harry style concert photo he looks awsome and he has also call you to go out with him bit you say 'let me think
  8. Selena Gomez have a song ' Good For You 'She is very sexy and beautiful in the music video are you worried that justin gonna leave you by seeing selena gomez video?
  9. If justin do something bad what you gonna do ?
  10. Justin has messed up durring concert he vormitted on stage after that when he comes to what you will do ?
  11. if haiely balwin and justin hang out together And you are busy in Your world tour what you gonna do
  12. do you love media
  13. You are sensitive?
  14. Do you Wear the disney style like á pop aGood girl?
  15. Are you crazy about him ( When you are celbrity a singer)

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