Will I Have My First Kiss?

Some people dream of their first kiss while some though have already had it! A first kiss is something that some people may think is weird and just flat out GROSS! Although others find it sweet and wish for their own!

Will you get your first kiss? DO you have the attitude, or the kindness , or braveness to get a kiss from your prince or princess? Take my quiz and lets find out!

Created by: starheart
  1. To get things strait do you even want your kiss?
  2. Are you popular?
  3. Have you already had your kiss?
  4. Are you crushing? ;)
  5. Does your name start with A-Q or R-Z?
  6. Its best not to give a random person your information. However if you see a cute boy/girl do you hand them your information?
  7. Yes or no question! Are you even single?
  8. The test is getting close to finishing so I will ask questions that depend a lot on if you do or don't get that kiss so are you ready?
  9. If you went on a date how do you expect it to go out?
  10. Last question, do you like my quiz, and do you hope for your first kiss?

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