do I scare easily

Everyone has one fear or another. However, there are some that take fear to an unhealthy level. I'd like for people to take this quiz to see how brave they are. I tried not to make it too serious. So please have fun taking it!

Are you brave or do you hide under you bed during a horror movie? Even if you consider yourself brave you'll neve know how brave until after you take this quiz. So just how brave are you? Take this quiz and find out in minutes!

Created by: janney

  1. during a thunderstorm I:
  2. Your going shopping and see someone you know. You:
  3. Choose one of the following colors:
  4. You see a tiny little spider comeing across the floor at you. You:
  5. on halloween night you:
  6. Your in the hallway at school and someone taps you on the shoulder. You:
  7. You never leave your house:
  8. What kind of music do you listen to?
  9. my fav food is:
  10. Did you like taking this quiz?

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