Do I have an eating disorder?

Are you wondering if you have an eating disorder? This simple questionnaire may help you understand some of the risk factors associated with a wide range of eating disorders.

Please note that this is not a scientific or diagnostic tool. For the best possible assessment of your health, please see a healthcare professional, therapist, nutritionist, or other counselor.

Created by: tapestrync
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  1. Do you find yourself eating until you are full?
  2. Do you feel the urge or cause yourself to vomit after eating?
  3. Do you ever choose not to eat because of how it may affect your body?
  4. Have others made statements about your weight or figure that caused you to modify your diet?
  5. What do you consider to be "overweight?"
  6. What do you consider to be "underweight?"
  7. Do you ever feel concerned that eating a whole typically portioned meal could affect your weight/body shape?
  8. Are you likely to compare how you want to look to a famous person?
  9. Do you experience days where you don't eat anything at all?
  10. Do you feel any form of intense emotion after eating that interferes in your ability to maintain mental stability?

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