Do I Have A Crush On Him?

Do you have a crush? it may be hard to tell, but this quiz will help you! Answer these questions accurately, and with our help, by the end of this quiz, you will know!

We worked really hard on these questions so that you could get an accurate score. You never know! Maybe you actually do have a crush on that cute soccer player with blond hair and blue eyes!

Created by: Ana
  1. Is Brayden hot?
  2. What do you think of his eyes?
  3. What about his hair?
  4. What do you think of his Girlfriend?
  5. Do you think he's smart?
  6. Why is he dating the smartest girl in school?
  7. Should he get glasses?
  8. Have you met his parents?
  9. This quiz is almost over what do you think?
  10. Do YOU think you like him?

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