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This is a Do Not Interact test. Yes, people will disagree with me, and no, I don't want them interacting with me personally. It's not hard to get a good score on this, really, just don't be a frickin a--hole. If you are an a--hole, you'll get a bad score, and if you try to push your a--hole-ic opinions on me, then I'll just fight you. Ain't hard to have an opinion and be civil about it.

Basically, we're chill if you aren't an a--. I don't really care if you agree with me entirely or not, just use logic (up to date), or your morals (of, y'know, not being an a-- to people) and don't be stupid. I will call you out if you are, I ain't afraid of conflict. There is obviously bias and, basically, I'm here to mock stupid people who think people being different is the end of the world as we know it and can't progress and change.

Created by: Weirdo (old)
  1. First of all, what's up?
  2. If we were to become friends, even if we didn't agree on everything (as friends tend to), would you at least not try to change my opinions?
  3. Are you more extroverted or introverted?
  4. Are you more of an emotional person or a rational thinker?
  5. Pessimistic or optimistic?
  6. How old are you?
  7. Have you taken any of my other quizzes?
  8. Are you LGBTQ+, and are you inclusive? (This means you include most/all identities that aren't jokes!)
  9. What will happen when gay people are allowed to marry their partners and trans people get respected and are allowed to do things cis people can?
  10. Do you respect trans peoples' pronouns and preferred names?
  11. How many genders do you believe there are?
  12. What is your religious stance?
  13. What is cringe?
  14. Thoughts on Metallica?
  15. Opinions on the Dream SMP? Members, characters, anything.
  16. What is your opinions of Dream? (the youtuber)
  17. How do you feel about people who are problematic and have apologized for acts at any point?
  18. What's your opinion on comshipping?(this is fictional shipping of complicated and problematic shipping--most of the time, it's adultXchild, familyXfamily, or something like that.)
  19. Does the government interfere too much?
  20. What do you think we need to fix most in the world?
  21. Opinions of Twitter cancel culture?
  22. Opinion on endogenic systems? (If you don't know! Endogenic systems are systems that form without trauma.)
  23. How do you treat neurodivergent people? (Autism, ADHD, bipolar, etc.)
  24. Is ABA bad? (These are the people who think of autism as a 'curse' that needs fixing. They also are the ones that put autistic people into therapy. Look on google for more info)
  25. Opinion on radqueers? (These are the people who think transage and transrace is valid. THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM RADINCLUSIVITY.)
  26. What is radinclusivity?
  27. What is feminism to you? (NOT TERFS.)
  28. What do you do about people who are using false or outdated information to try to create an argument? (Using 'basic biology' to say trans people don't exist, trying to say homosexuality isn't natural, etc.)
  29. Random question that will 100% affect your score. Thoughts on monster energy drinks?
  30. Did you enjoy the quiz?

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Quiz topic: DNI quiz - should I interact with me?

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