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  • First of all, the person who wrote this test cannot spell.

    Feel is spelled consistantly as "fell" in questions that ask "Do you "fell" your skin is _____. Secondly, was this written by a foreign language student? The sentence structure was unusually bad and I was wondering if the author did not speak English, or is learning to speak English. I know the author might have meant well, but

    this quiz was riddled with bad spelling, bad sentence structure, lack of correct English and it actually

    had questions that made no sense. Amusing, but very

    poor command of English. I rate this a D-

  • um. Whoever made this doesn't know how to make a quiz. you ask a question then have a series of answers available, not the other way around. I couldn't even take it because...

    -it was too confusing

    -several "answers" to questions were suggesting what i have going on with my skin.

    -how poorly it was put together bothered me too much

  • i have really oily and bumpy skin and it sucks! every product i use doesnt help and iv even tried pills from the dermotologists. i feel helpless:(

  • I have oily skin. That's true but it's not out of control. Just very hard to deal with. Nice quiz :)


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