Different Part 8

Here is part 8!

Hope you like it!

Created by: stained
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  1. RECAP: You are basically getting chased by zombies the zombies wont harm you since your in your wolf and Jonathan is in the trees and the zombies are still chasing.
  2. Like I said I will have a contest. If you can guess my favorite band then I will add your own character for you described by you etc. as well I will let you describe your own dream guy thats if you want one. I'll give you two hints the band I'm talking about is a metal band, and one of my fav songs by them is "Asylum" like i said guess my fav band first.
  3. You cant stand being chased anymore so you stop in your tracks and look up at Jonathan motioning him to stop but stay where he is. You stay in your wolf form and go to confront the zombies the zombies stop and look at you like your crazy you shrug "zombies ill make you deal if you leave that human there alone i will lead you to a village full of people" you say they seem to like the idea and they nod and you lead them away but you stop and turn around and focus on them then they burn to ashes
  4. Jonathan looks at you shocked a bit, you just smirk and turn human and you both continue. You see a blood trail but you dont know whos blood it is you follow the blood trail and you find Christopher on the ground bleeding badly
  5. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry that I had to end it here but I ran out of ideas and well just saying this will end in 4 more parts but after this I will make another story
  6. RATE
  8. Who do you like?
  9. Farewell for now peeps
  10. Wait not farewell after all
  11. Ok now farewell

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