Did You Survive? (Alien Invasion)

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Aliens have invaded! Will you survive? Some of these questions will be silly but absolutely necessary (ehhh, they might not be, actually...). The ultimate goal is entertainment!

Be careful, though, there's only one way you can survive. Answer honestly during the General Survival Questions -- they'll determine whether or not you'll actually survive, even if you answer the situation questions correct.

Created by: ArchAngel217
  1. General Survival Questions. Think you're ready?
  2. Can you bind a wound?
  3. Can you stop bleeding?
  4. Do you know any martial arts?
  5. Have you ever played an FPS?
  6. Situations. Do your best!
  7. There are bright lights in the sky. They look like UFOs. What do you do?
  8. The Aliens are running towards you! They have projectiles!! What's your move?
  9. Aliens are fighting one of your closest friends -- (they) look(s) like (they are) about to lose. What do you do??
  10. You pass by a shopping mall. It looks abandoned.
  11. You and a small attack force are organizing an attack on alien forces. What do you do?
  12. You're inside an alien ship (idk how! Don't ask me!!!) They're having a party?? What do you do?
  13. Someone you know joined alien forces. (They) confront you -- what do you do?
  14. A lone alien approaches your group and asks to fight you in single combat. What do you do?
  15. All your friends are partying!
  16. You find a spaceship -- it only fits one person, though.
  17. (Assuming you got on.) You know how to fly a spaceship, right?

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