Devin wants to know, what kind of friend are you?

There are three types of friends. There are the best friends, the sometimes friends and the fluff friends. Everyone has at least one of each type. How many friends does a person have? As we grow older we often lose touch with those who we once cared for. But now theres a quiz to sort out which friends are which.

The true question is what kind of friend are you to me? If you dont fit in to any one of these catagories then maybe you arent a friend at all. I think though that if you are taking this quiz, your some kind of friend. I hope you enjoy it! And its good to know what kind of friend you are... Take this short quiz and find out!

Created by: Devin of Devin's Myspace
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  1. How often do we see each other?
  2. Do we have a special place?
  3. Whats my favorite drink?
  4. What do I want to do when I grow up?
  5. What was my first car?
  6. My full name is
  7. What is my favorite Color?
  8. What is one of my goals for 2007?
  9. When we go to a club, what kind of music makes me get up to dance even if Im already tired?
  10. When Im upset, its ussually about...

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Quiz topic: Devin wants to know, what kind of friend am I?