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So, do you think you REALLY have the Conan wits to solve a Detective Conan quiz? Just what DO you know about the show? How about you try out you skill of memory and see if YOU can be considered at Shinichi/ Jimmy's level of skill with Detective Conan trivia!

If you do have the skill, then you can answer pretty much anything, such as characters, plot, settings, and even cases Conan solved from before! So tell me, do YOU have what it takes to be the ultamite Detective Conan fan?

Created by: detectiveconan
  1. 1. What is Rachel/ Ran's favorite color?
  2. What did Jodie Starling do for a job temporarily?
  3. Name both Black Organization snipers that are alive we know about.
  4. Who is Harley/ Heiji's childhood friend?
  5. What is Jimmy/Shinichi's favorite sport?
  6. Who is Harley/Heiji's favorite author?
  7. During the 2.5 hour special "Head on With the Black Organization," what costume was Vodka wearing?
  8. What was the drug both Jimmy/Shinichi and Anita/Shiho consumed? (Hint: Apotoxin _____)
  9. Who was the Black Organization sniper who killed himself?
  10. Andre:
  11. What is Kaito Kid's biggest fear?
  12. Ginzo:
  13. Name Sonoko's Uncle who is after Kaito KID:
  14. What did the red, yellow, and white colors mean in Episode 509?
  15. What hand does Gin use?
  16. What is Vermouth's nickname, according to Akai Schuuichi and Jodie?
  17. Who is the soccer player that Conan admire the most, before he killed someone?
  18. When is Shinichi's birthday?
  19. What book series did Yusaku Kudo create?
  20. Who is Inspector Megure's wife?
  21. What Is Shinichi's motto?
  22. What is Shinichi's Blood type?
  23. What is Ran's Blood Type?
  24. Who was Inspector Shiratori's first love?
  25. Who did Sato choose?
  26. Who of these is dead?

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