Destructive Passion part 1

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Created by: DragonKitty

  1. Your name is Holly Stewart and you are a junior at Mavewood High School for the gifted. You enjoy painting and going for walks outside. You also have a temper. Alright?
  2. It is February, and it is cold outside. Posters are up, advertising the Valentines Day Dance. You don't care; you don't have anyone to share it with anyway. Besides, it's a waste of money, which you don't have a lot of. Sighing, you wait for the bell that will mark the end of school. School bores you, and you don't see how it helps. After all, this is supposed to be a school for the extraordinarely bright isn't it? But all you ever get on your report card are D's. Ugh. Really, you don't get how you're gifted. You don't get how everyone else here is gifted. No one in your school has an average above 60%. Not that you care, of course. It's not your fault they don't teach art well! Finally, the bell DOES ring. As soon as it does, you leap out of your chair, and shove your books into your bag. Freedom! You head outside to brave the frigid weather. Walking along on the sidewalk, you take the shortcut to your house. Before you turn the corner, however, you notice someone following you! Quickly! What do you do!
  3. Whatever you do, it doesn't work! They are gaining on you! As he comes closer, you see that he has a bag- the kind from kidnapping stories and horror films! You try to run, but he catches up to you and- BAM! You hit the ground with a thud. He shoves the bag over your head and when you try to stuggle, he cuts you with a knife, right down your arm. It hurts alot! You...
  4. Whatever you did, it's not working! You thrash and twist and eventually he ties you up. Even screaming for help won't work, because you're gagged. 'Why me?' you think helplessly. You clutch at your injured arm, applying pressure to the wound. You are in a car of some sort, and keep hurling about, because you aren't in a seat. Perhaps in the trunk? You wouldn't know, because you can't see. Your head hurts from numerous occasions where it banged against the walls. You strain against your bonds. No such luck. You...
  5. Sometime in the journey, you fall asleep. When you finally wake, you find yourself in a cell, white walls and windowless. You are lying on a small cot, which is pillowless and with only a thin, scratchy blanket. Your arm still kills! You groan, you feel awful, what with loss of blood and being thrown about. You should be, you've had a horrible end to your day. You notice an IV tube in your arm. You've always hated needles and you yank it out with a scream. Using your sweater, you create a makeshift bandage for your arm. It has stopped bleeding, and the pain has lessened, but you don't want an infection and you feel better with it covered. All of a sudden, a man comes in, the same one who kidnapped you! He has blond hair and black eyes and looks ready to hurt someone. You edge away from him slowly, fearing the worst. Then you...
  6. He has a needle in his hand. You try to resist, but he's too strong. He forces the point in to your tensed muscles on your arm; the injured one. It hurts so bad that you scream, and he jumps back, surprised. His hands aren't on the needle anymore, and it's sticking out of you on it's own. You scream again as it tears away from your arm, leaving a line of blood from the cut. You faint.
  7. When you awake, you find yourself not in a cell, but in a comfortable bed in a nice room. There are 2 faces leaning in on you as you open your eyes and you scream, startled, and try to cover yourself, in case of any blows against you. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" you yell and as soon as you speak, they flinch. One of them, with red hair and grey eyes puts his hand on you, pushing you back in to your bed. "It's alright!" he says, so convincingly "We're not going to hurt you." He looks straight at you, like he's seeing in to your soul, and you trust him. He removes his hand. "It's true." A brown haired, blue eyed boy says. "You're safe now." Tears streak down your face as you calm yourself down. You blink them away, not wanting them to see you cry. You survey your surroundings. Behind the boys are two others, one with black hair and one with blond. The blond one wears a look of concern, while the black haired boy remains impassive, emotions hidden. "I'm Liam." the brown haired boy says "Jack! Pleased to meet you!" the red-head says with a grin. "Behind me are Pyris and Jed...but they don't talk much." Liam nodded his agreement. "Which one is which?" you ask, curious to know. It is Jack who answers: "The blond is Jed. The black haired emo dude is Pyris." You nod. Go figure. Pyris glares at Jack. Jed smiles.
  8. The questions pour out of you like rain from a cloud. "Where am I? Why am I here? What happened? What's going on?" The boys look at each other. Every single one of them is super hot. Well, maybe Jed was cute, but still! "It would be better if we waited." Jack said "It's a long story...."
  9. "You mustn't know it know, you're too tired! You must rest!" explains Jack, catching your pleading look. You don't know why, but Jack's voice calms you, Liam excites you, you feel comfortable around Jed and Pyris makes you feel powerful. Huh!
  10. Keep an eye out for part 2!

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