How much of an Ikonoklastpunkare are you

There are many punk rockers, but few true Ikonoklastpunkare. Ikonoklastpunk, afterall,is quite exceptional. So, What is a Ikonoklastpunkare? Honestly, i can't tell you that. You simply have to get cought by "the passion" of this radical movement...

But still, you might feel insecure if you've got caought by this passion, and meanwhile Ikonoklastpunk is more of a spirit, there exists some pretty clear indications, and that's why this test was developed. To see if your one of us...?

Created by: DLP

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  1. You're with some friends, and someone suddenly wants to start a punk rock-band, but nobody else feel for joining. Do you?
  2. A thief steals your ipod. What's the most possible type of music he will find when he start's it?
  3. You've ever feelt an urge for digging a hole, just for fun, 5 p.m in the morning?
  4. Do you find the name "De lyckliga Pastorsbarnen" witty?
  5. Do you usualy like to get kissed on your cheek?
  6. If i, the one and only chí¶rch, wouldn't in fact be devoted to one special, absolutely wonderful and beautiful cheek, would you love a kiss on your cheek from me?
  7. Do you feel great gratitude towards Amadeus?
  8. Do you like noodles & rugby?
  9. Kan du svenska?
  10. And at last, are you happy, or a child of a pastor?

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Quiz topic: How much of an Ikonoklastpunkare am I