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This quiz will see what ninja tou are in team guy there will be some easy questions and maybe some hard questions for you so be sure if you want to be the ninja you want to be in Might Guy's team you will have to know really well.

will you be the tai-jutsu specialist Might Guy,the genius 360 degree byakugan Neji Hyuga, the lean green tai-jutsu machine Rock Lee, or the weapon specialist Tenten.So lets see how well you know your favorite ninja in the might guy team.

Created by: Denny
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  1. you will be a jonin in the shippuden episodes
  2. You are a weapon specialist
  3. Your rival is Kakashi Hatake
  4. Your kekkei-genkai surpasses the Sharingan completly
  5. You have a crush on Neji
  6. You will live when Tsunade gives you the 58% medical treatment
  7. You have bushy eyebrows
  8. You like Sakura
  9. You faced off Gaara in the preliminary round
  10. You carry a big scroll with you in the shippuden episodes
  11. You are part of the Shikimaru team

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