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  • Your Result: Child of Hades 76%

    I'd say "Congratulations" but somehow it doesn't seem appropriate. Well, anyway, I hope you're happy. You're a child of Hades. You can summon the dead, create fissures in the earth, order around subjects of your father's domain...oh, and you'll know when someone's dying. As a child of Hades, life will be hard. Hades' children, in fact, are often considered less likable than him"”but don't fret. Having Hades as a father does have an advantage"”you're more likely to survive than other demigods, since it's likely you've had a harder time than most people, demigod or not. All those extra monster attacks were just good practice for you. But watch out for grudges; holding a grudge can be your very doom. Remember: Having a few good friends never hurt,so even though some people will avoid you, try to find the ones who won't. Are you ready for the responsibility of being a demigod? Good luck.

    68% Child of Hephaestus
    65% Child of Zeus
    63% Child of Poseidon
    54% Child of Demeter
    47% Child of Aphrodite
    39% Child of Hecate
    38% Child of Athena
    36% Child of Apollo
    35% Child of Hermes

    I ALWAYS get Hades!! I guess I'm DEFINITELY a child of death. XD

  • Actually, PERSON WHO CREATED THIS QUIZ, I got my results Aphrodite. Then I went back and thought, if this was accurate, I would be perfectly fine of I had been splashed in mud. So I put that and resubmitted. It gave me Aphrodite again. And you know something? The percentage went UP IDIOT. SO I'M PRETTY SURE THIS IS BUNK.

    I have taken a plethora of quizzes like these, even the PJO website's quizzes. And I always got Poseidon based on my fun, happy side, and Athena based on my logical side. I act nothing like a child of Aphrodite, and even if I didn't act like one, I would still LOOK like one at least. But I don't. Good day.

  • U suck. i am to an Amazing swimmer. But other than that I LOVE Demeter. Cereal is my fav thanks for asking. But eh I have swimmers ear right now so yeah water might not like me a whole lot. But I go swimming anyway and I love quests espessally in the creek in my backyard. That is friken fun. Well I am an amazing swimmer. My time in the 50 freestyle is 36 seconds take that. How much of a horrible swimmer is that huh? Well sorry but I also made a demigod quiz so to get mine on top I am gonna rate this 1 star. Sorry. But this quiz rocks not as good as mine.

  • Woah. Whenever i tell others that i'm a demigod they don't believe me and think i'm just pretending to sound cool but I KNOW I AM A DEMIGOD!!! I've never met my father, have ADHD, get followed by people (I live in a good neighborhood, too!), and, and...too much to explain.

    Your Result: Child of Poseidon

    Congratulations . You’re a child of Poseidon! You can control the sea, create earthquakes, and communicate with every creature Poseidon ever created—and that includes horses and pegasi, not just sea creatures. You’ll either get a lot of respect—or a lot of resentment—for being the child of the King of the Sea. However, because of your status and inherited unpredictability (which serves well in thwarting monsters), not only are you a likely candidate for quests, but you may also have to lead them. Like all demigods, you’ll have to prove yourself. After all, being the child of one of the Big Three guarantees more power, but not necessarily the wits to survive. As a child of Poseidon, you’ll have a lot to live up to, but less will be expected of you than of a child of Zeus, so be grateful. Are you ready for the responsibility of being a demigod? Good luck. I hope you survive.

  • Again, I comment. I'm in 5th grade and have a 7th grade reading level, 6th grade math level, and I'm amazing in basically every subject. So duh I'm a Zeus kid but why is Athena my last possible result??? I'm no Aphrodite kid. That's my friend!!! O and Lord_Sky, hi. I'm ur sister. :)

    Zoe Nightshade
  • Hecate? Never doubted for a second. I'm also a legacy of Hermes. I love pranks. I did an all-nighter thrice. I mix common bathroom chemicals until something explodes in my face. Yep! I'm a Hecate kid by heart.

  • I am quite happy with the result. I've actually always seen myself as a child of athena, None of the others quite fit me. Thanks for creating this!!

  • I got HADES! Yesssss! Sorry. I like death. But there shoulda been a question about which demigod weapon you use. Ya know, like, bow and arrow/sword/dagger/ javelin.

  • Oh. My. Gosh. I got Hades. He`s my favourite Greek god! And he`s cooler than any other Greek god out there. In my opinion. And you`re right. Holding grudges. Bad thing. Trust me.

  • Demeter sounds right, since I'm good with kids. The only thing wrong is that I do like swimming and adventure stuff.

  • Well I'm happy with what I got :) I got Apollo! And for all u ppl out there who has a problem with Apollo or Aretmis then ur effing tripping or something >:/

  • ezcuse me but i am an AMAZING swimmer. i bet that you cant swim the 50 breaststroke drp 5 secondes in your time wich is alot in swimming get 1st in your heat and have your goggles on your neck but im not a daughter of poseidon im a daughter of apollo

  • I am a child of Athena. Suits me! Love this quiz. But I can't be a demigod. I don't have ADHD, and have a 1st year university spelling level. Too bad...

  • I took this quiz again. I think. Ya. So cool quiz and Uncle Hades is mean. Persephone should be free!! And dad (Zeus) should be nicer as well. Sorry Dad!!!!!

    Zoe Nightshade
  • Hecate. I normally don't get mad that easily, and when I do, I usually just let it go. Other than that, good quiz!

  • YES!!!!!! Its a tie between Daughter Of Hermes and Daughter Of Athena! My two favorite gods!

  • I got Hephaestus as usual

  • . . .first quiz basically said Zeus was my grandpa and apollo was my uncle so why did this one say different?didn't even get everything right.

  • Hades, Zeus, then Poseidon. Really? I think the big three are really easy (too easy?) to get.

  • Why do I always, no matter what, on EVERY quiz, get Hades as my godly parent?

  • Poseidon. I don't really care.

  • Everytime. It’s never different. I’m related to Nico and Hazel though. Oh, and Bianca too. That’s the good thing...

  • Where is my quiz that has Nemesis in it? Second time I've gotten Hermes

  • Now i am sad.. Got Aphrodite, but my favorite is Apollo....

  • Child of Apollo? Well, the description of it pretty much sums up my life. ._.


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