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  • Ok.....Im a Daughter of Poseidon, as well as Hades....
    Im fine with that!

    Jadesassy Feb 22 '19, 5:49PM
  • Everytime. It’s never different. I’m related to Nico and Hazel though. Oh, and Bianca too. That’s the good thing...

    Salamence Jan 17 '19, 12:12AM
  • Neat im a kid of poseidon, thats what they all say....

    Dude guy Jan 13 '19, 11:08PM
  • YES!!!!!! Its a tie between Daughter Of Hermes and Daughter Of Athena! My two favorite gods!

    TrueBelief934 Oct 8 '18, 10:32AM
  • Poseidon all the way! I’m related to Percy

    Forestflame Jul 29 '18, 12:27PM
  • I got Hephaestus as usual

    Pooper1234 Jun 8 '18, 2:15PM
  • I got Aphrodite...I am a 5th grade boy

    Frank Zhang Feb 11 '18, 9:01AM
  • . . .first quiz basically said Zeus was my grandpa and apollo was my uncle so why did this one say different?didn't even get everything right.

    Dianamagik Feb 7 '18, 10:05PM
  • Demeter sounds right, since I'm good with kids. The only thing wrong is that I do like swimming and adventure stuff.

    Stardust1 May 21 '17, 9:01PM
  • Daughter of Hades. I wanted to get him!

    EmoOtaku317 Apr 6 '16, 8:43PM
  • Aphrodite! Yay!!!

    Demigod4Life Mar 28 '16, 2:25PM
  • Yay!!! I got Aphrodite!!!

    Demigod4Life Mar 28 '16, 2:24PM
  • I got Zeus!!!! YASS

    dianamarilyn_jt Oct 1 '15, 6:31AM
  • I got hades and i dont understand. All the other demoigod quizzes ive taken, i always get Dionysus.

    BrachioHera Aug 27 '15, 3:36PM
  • Hades first try.

    Cooral898 Aug 7 '15, 3:57PM
  • YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! !! i knew it im a child of... Hades!

    Cooral898 Aug 7 '15, 3:56PM
  • Guess that makes us brothers, redxx. S'up bro?

    BrownDemon23 May 23 '15, 1:38PM
  • Child of Apollo? Well, the description of it pretty much sums up my life. ._.

    BrownDemon23 May 23 '15, 1:36PM
  • Hades, Zeus, then Poseidon. Really? I think the big three are really easy (too easy?) to get.

    JustABookCreeper May 10 '15, 10:27AM
  • . 15 .

    Daughter of Hades. This is the 15th quiz I've taken that has told me Hades is my father.

    Skullzymusic01 Apr 16 '15, 6:34PM
  • Posiedon first try

    cowgomoocow Jan 24 '15, 9:44PM

    kylanoelle6 Dec 17 '14, 9:35PM

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