Delta Squad Trivia

There are many Republic Commandos and many different squads. Delta Squad is one of the many, and one of the best. They've traveled to different planets for different missions, and were victorious every time.

How much do you know about them? Are you a commando-minded know-it-all, a clever-minded clone, or someone for target practice? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: RC-0726
  1. What is Fixer's number?
  2. Scorch's armor is what colors?
  3. What is Scorch's favorite weapon?
  4. What is Fixer's rank?
  5. What squad did Delta team up with?
  6. Who eats spicy warra nuts?
  7. What did Scorch say when Boss said they didn't have a minute?
  8. What is the splatter on Sev's helmet?
  9. What kind of grenades do they carry?
  10. What gauntlet has a viroblade?
  11. Who did they leave behind?

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