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  • Same as Hiccstrid ( or as I call her pixie )
    About the numbers
    I loved it
    It's really good

    I was thinking about the corpse bride when is as reading it

    If it is a fantasy maybe the friend is a ghost

    Funny thing a friend of mine is called eve

    And her worst enemy at this moment is a girl who's second name is Davies

    So lol

    Puppet master12
  • It was a very interesting quiz. I enjoyed the way the plot twist was very unexpected. One tiny thing that you could work on is putting words instead of numbers ("forgotten" instead of "4gotten"). But besides that it was wonderful.

  • Thanx a lot. Rly lol, both Eve and Davies should read this, who knows if it reduces their enmity! Try out my other quiz, A lavish death too....

    Hide and seek
  • Sweet dude! Beside the spelling, I, as well, agree with Hiccstrid


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