Death, tears and fallen leaves

Hi there, now that u've decided 2 take this quiz, u should know it's actually a short story in d 4m of a quiz. It's part of my hnss2~ hide and seek stories 2. So, carry on.

Okay then, scroll down and read through this story. It's about feath, tears and fallen leaves obviously but mainly abt friendship so dont miss it. It isn't an actual quiz, so choose ur fav lines maybe from the options. Pls comment and rate. Enjoy!

Created by: Hide and seek

  1. Chap#1~ A race alongside time
  2. Chap#2~ Her
  3. Chap#3~ A lot to hear
  4. Chap#4~ A friendly chat
  5. Chap#5~ Mother nature rings the bell
  6. Chap#6~ Death and tears
  7. Chap#7~ More abt death and tears
  8. Chap#8~ Fallen leaves
  9. Chap#9~ A last look
  10. Chap#10~ Tears and tears only
  11. Chap#11~ A dry dead reality

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