Dear My Life......

This is about your life that sucks balls. You hate everything and everyone. Man this is just like my life. Is it like your? Well find out. I will make more quizzes soon

Does your life suck? Is there stuff that your holding in? Do you have a diary or journal? Do you write songs or poems? Well this is quiz is for you. Please comment and rate.

Created by: magicmovement

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  1. Well it's just another day of regret. Of course you write in diary/journal. All of the songs and poems are half of what you feel inside.
  2. Sometimes you just wanna die. Other days your put on a fate smile.
  3. One of the reasons your so depressed is because of your mother. You really hate your mother so must.
  4. The second reason is you've been hurt by the person you love. You would die for them.
  5. You cant wait till you move out.
  6. All you wear is black and dark colors. At school you hide in the shadows instood of being outgoing.
  7. You hate your life. You rather die now then live forever.
  8. You hate all most everything and everyone.
  9. All you wanna do is sleep and eat.
  10. Man your life your sucks.
  11. This as been Dear My Life...

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