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  • Name: Minerva [Vera]Yarrow.
    Gend er: Female

    Hair color: caramel. [a warm golden color that cannot really be classified as brown or blonde.] she might dye it red at some point, however.

    eye color: muddy green, not quite brown enough to be hazel, but not quite green either.

    skin tone: pale
    body type: average to skinny, meduim height

    hogwarts house: Ravenclaw, if possible. If not, make it Slytherin. As a third choice, I'd take griffyndor, but I'd prefer it if she was not a Hufflepuff.

    status : halfblood

    Personal ity: she's neither shy nor very outgoing, but somewhere in between. She loves knowing the answers, and hates it when she's wrong. It takes her a long time to get to trust people, but once she does, she will protect her friends with every fiber of her being.

  • Name: Li Shadows
    Gender: Female

    Basic Traits: Loyal, Daredevil, Friendly, quiet.

    Unique Trait: Saved someone's life
    House: Gryffindor
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Amber
    Body Type: Thin
    Kiara Star

    Basic traits: Smiling, Hard to get angry, rebellious, sly.

    Unique traits: Is adopted
    House: Slytherin (but doesn't want to be)
    Hair color: Red
    Eye color: Green
    Body type: Average

  • Eagle Trent, white blonde hair(dyes hair when feels like it), forest green eyes. Stereo typical group: athlete (fast runner, good climber, really strong) gryffindor

    Gabby Rosia, light brown hair, chocolate brown eyes. Stereo typical group: artist (can do wicked disguises!) ravenclaw

    Macken zie Paley, dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Stereo typical group: rebel (Can pick locks, hot wire cars, and other criminal stuff! XD) slytherine but isn't very mean to everyone and some, or all, gryffindor's like her.

    You can pick anything else I didn't mention and what house they're in. Hope you liked them!

  • Name:Christine Blair
    Gender:Femal e

    Basic Traits:Sweet, caring, but easily angered. Calms down soon after getting mad.

    Unique Trait:loves horses and rides whenever possible

    Hair Color:Strawberry Blonde
    Eye Color:Ice blue
    Body type:Average

  • Uhm, this is awkward but can you NOT use my characters? 'cause I'm kind of thinking of making my own series and I want to use my characters. So is it okay?

  • Also, I'm not into one direction but I think you should continue with the series!

  • Your characters might not be in the same house as you specified.

  • Oops, forgot there already was a Minerva!
    So...le t's just go with Vera. Vera Yarrow.

  • Wolfgrl45 could you try doing what pielover11 is doing and give powerful love to some other writer

  • you should make a quiz and she who wants it

  • I ment Mackenzie.


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